Project Agency for the region and Europe
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we offer:

  • project coordination and financial management as external service provider
  • participation, moderation or leadership of interdisciplinary projects on different aspects of regional development
  • accompany, organise or realise public relations
  • research of Good Practice from the entire European Union
  • output-oriented project evaluation
  • consult of potential applicants searching for funding programmes (especially local public authorities and SME)
  •  search of reliable cooperation partners in other European countries

we have got:

  • long-standing experiences in the management of European projects
  • trustworthy staff 
  • an unique competence in project development, management and documentation

we manage to:

  • be the mediator between local actors and actions through networking in the region 
  • combine different interest and initiatives through moderating cooperations 
  • act as mediator between the public administration and private interests to establish and realise our projects

we furthermore can:

  • demonstrate competences in event management 
  • contribute with experiences from research projects 
  • and convince through professional organisation and realisation of public relations