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Mission Statement:

The mission of Aufbauwerk is the integrated promotion of economic development and employment, bundling the efforts to promote entrepreneurship and job creation. The development of respective projects and the combination of different funding programmes and financing forms is of significant importance.


City of Leipzig
The City of Leipzig has over 500,000 inhabitants. It is the largest city of the new länder. The municipality is the majority owner of Aufbauwerk (57%).
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District of Leipzig
Der The District of Leipzig is located in Northwest Saxony. It was created when the former districts of Leipzig County and Muldental merged in 2008. The local public authority owns 23,5% of Aufbauwerk’s shares..
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District of Central Saxony
Der The District of Central Saxony has been created in 2008 on the territories of the former districts of Döbeln, Freiberg and Mittweida. The public administration has its main seat at Freiberg. The District of Central Saxony controls 17,5% of Aufbauwerk.
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Economic Development Corporation of the District of Northern Saxony


The Economic Development Corporation of the District of Northern Saxony is a public-service company active in the North of Leipzig. The company foremost engages in projects aiming to enhance the economic and social development of the district. 2 per cent of Aufbauwerk's shares are controlled by the Economic Development Corporation.